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About Early Vision

Here at Early Vision, we truly believe in the power of role-play to unlock your children’s potential. 

Sue Marshall (B.A.Ed,[Hons] Mont Dip. EYPS), founder of Early Vision, opened Oak House Nursery School within her family home in 1987.  Thanks to a supportive, long-suffering, family and wonderfully committed staff, the nursery has flourished with a pupil roll over one hundred.  Since then, Sue has been an OFSTED inspector, and qualified as one of the country’s first EYPs.  She has a deep belief in the value of role-play.

As with everyone working in the early years sector, Sue truly believes in helping children to “learn about the world through their play”.  Imaginative play is a fantastic way of increasing children’s social, literacy and numeracy skills in an engaging way.  However, Sue is all too aware that many children's life experiences are very limited and without some knowledge about people’s jobs and the actions they take, or the language they use, it is almost impossible for them to replicate them in their play? 

“Sadly our children face ‘representations' in the media that are simply wrong”, says Sue.  “On TV some children witness ‘role-models' such as Police Officers, Doctors and Shop Keepers behaving in a manner and using vocabulary that we, as Early Years Practitioners, would not wish our children to replicate in their play.” 

To combat this, five years ago, she created Early Vision, developing a range of ‘video visits’ to ‘Bring the Real World into your Setting’.  Through these, children can watch, see and hear what goes on in a real example of their role-play area.

 Fly-on-the-wall films:real people, performing their real occupations, using their own language and own actions. Narration is limited, to allow the Practitioner to lead the class at a pace appropriate to their learners. 

The Digital Handbook:Including EYFS & KS1 curriculum links, key vocabulary and discussion points, suggested activities and loads of signs, notices and writing frames. 

Brilliant for supporting child-initiated learning: Practitioners can pursue children’s interests, whilst informing the rest of the group.They provide a wonderful support for life experiences and are particularly good for those with Special Educational Needs. 

A combined approach:These resources help Practitioners put role-play at the heart of their class.Teachers can immerse the children in each scenario, by providing practical, linked cross-curricular activities, enhancing the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them. 

Educational CD-Rom games: These interactive CD-Rom games use only real life images, accompanied by brief video clips from the supporting theme/play packs, to enhance both their understanding and ICT skills.

In recent years, Early Vision Ltd has won national and international acclaim.  Since 2007, Early Vision Ltd has been short-listed for six separate awards:

Early Years Solution: Highly Commended

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Highly Commended

NURSERY WORLD AWARDS 2008 Creative Development: Winner

BETT AWARDS 2009 Early Years Solution: Finalist

Early Years Resources and equipment – using ICT: Finalist

BETT AWARDS 2010 Primary Digital Content: Finalist 

It is vital for children to LINK the films to their own locality and community, so Practitioners may wish to take photographs of their local Pet Shop, Post Office or Opticians to show the children locations that are familiar to them.  Perhaps a little ‘interview’ with your local shop keeper or doctor – recorded on a Dictaphone or even your mobile phone – would enable the children to identify with someone they know or have seen, and would really help to enhance their understanding of the location. 

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch