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Read our customer testimonials here:

"I bought loads last year and my staff tell me they are fantastic and the best resources I have ever bought for them!"
Garry Graham Head Teacher - Auchinairn Primary School

Thank you for the extremely prompt delivery! The box was waiting for me when I got home today! Now my friends and I can have a look everything before we break up tomorrow! I'm very impressed indeed.


Jayne Lunt Head of KS1 - Stroud School
"We were very impressed in Worcestershire not just with the quality of the video clips, books and interactive CD Roms, but with the thought and research that had gone into them. If we are to be children's expert play partners then we must provide them with the language, experiences and images of quality role-play scenarios.

Thank you for demonstrating them to us and we are buying your materials for each of our Early years cluster groups and for all Early Years mentor teachers.

Best wishes and thank you."

Sheila Sage Primary Inspector with Early Years responsibility - Worcestershire
"The Police Theme Pack has proven itself as a fantastic easy to use resource which has motivated both me and my class! In fact the whole school has shown an interest in reception class's role-play! (Even the local police officer has offered to come and play with the children in the role-play area). Thank you for providing us with a fantastic resource which fits so well with the curriculum. I look forward to using your other packs after we have finished exploring the police."
Joanne Akrill Reception Class Teacher - Rochester

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Early Vision for giving me the opportunity to show my Year R children the 'real world' and so easily. They love designing their own role play areas based on the videos and play so beautifully when done. I enjoy completing the activities with them and they respond really well. Thanks again. Mrs Gorton


Emily Gorton Reception Teacher - Walford Primary School, Herefordshire

During Summer Term 2007, as Foundation Stage Coordinator, I agreed to trial the ‘Early Vision’ Pack introduced to myself and our Headteacher through the ICT Register and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, of which we are a members.
Having an embedded ethos of Learning through play in our classroom, the importance of real-life experiences is always uppermost in my mind when planning our learning journeys which is why Early Vision had immediate appeal. 
Our setting is a small village school deep in rural Rutland (nearest city approx. 20 miles)  with the class consisting of 24 EYFS children, myself and a marvellous TA. We selected to trial ‘The Post Office’ Pack, as our focus was ‘Letters and Parcels’, and I initially envisaged many hours of role play in small groups with the myself and/or our TA supporting, questioning and generally encouraging/extending the role-play.
This was not how things panned out as our TA spent the term on Sick Leave following a major operation. I wasn’t sure how I could manage the practicalities of extra Role Play activities I had originally planned being alone in the classroom for many sessions, but thanks to Early Vision I needn’t have worried! The whole philosophy of the scenarios lends itself to whole-class teaching, and the quality of the short film clips is so good that my class knew immediately what and how they wanted to play after watching them. I cannot praise the film footage highly enough, as this type of child-friendly factual detail is otherwise really difficult to track down. The quality of their learning was superb, and the pleasure they gained from wrapping, weighing, sorting, ordering and labelling parcels was tremendous! Best of all, they didn’t need me to interfere!!!  Early Vision is a marvellous tool for children to enable independent learning, as it really gives children the confidence and direction for them to extend their own learning within the confines and security of their setting. I was also very impressed with the ideas within the training film, and incorporated many of the ideas immediately to enhance my own practice.
The children loved Meg, and valued her contributions enormously! From my experiences of Early Vision I thoroughly recommend it to colleagues working in the EYFS and also in KS1.
Incidentally, I was observed by Rutland Early Years Advisor Sally Hickman during this time, who described the teaching and learning she encountered as ‘phenomenal’ and I do feel that Early Vision certainly played it’s role in this!



Sarah Lyons Leading Teacher EYFS Rutland - Rutland
"Both your Training Sessions at Manor Hall and Newman College were superb.  Many of the Students were really impressed by your talk and a number even said they were changing their Assignment Focus to incorporate Role-Play and Speaking and Listening. Thank you so much."
Allison Tatton Researcher/Lecturer (Early Years) - Newman College of Higher Education
"After nearly 30 years' experience of developing Children's Symoblic Play Skills, I believe Early Vision's work is a significant breakthrough.
For SEN children they offer structured repetition they can learn from at their own pace.

I think the videos are enormously valuable in developing Theory of Mind Skills in children on the Autistic Spectrum as they capture the activities and emotions of several different participants in events.
BRAVO, Early Vision!"

Marie Watson Speech and Language Therapist - London
"I think, that to say my Foundation Stage Colleagues are impressed with your resources, is something of an understatement! I haven't known ANY new product to be so highly recommended by them!

Ms Elaine Brent ICT Register Primary Consultant - Heath Primary School, Derbyshire